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Third Party Reproduction

The decision to use donor egg, donor sperm, or donor embryo to build your family is very personal. And complex

For donor recipients, a psychoeducational consultation with a trained reproductive mental health professional is in keeping with the guidelines and recommendations from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and is required by by most reproductive endocrinologists and fertility clinics.  

This consultation is an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings, ask questions and discuss concerns, and receive information to help you navigate this unique path to parenthood. This consultation is NOT about determining your fitness to be a parent. 

Some of the topics addressed during counseling include: 

  • Emotional readiness in using a donor to build your family
  • Feelings about the loss of a genetic connection to your child
  • Whether, when, and how to tell your child their birth story
  • Choosing a donor - known vs unknown
  • Appropriate expectations, boundaries and healthy communication with open/known donors.

Recipients of egg, sperm, and embryo donation usually participate in one 75-minute session. In the case of a known donor, additional sessions will be scheduled. 

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